Make a Funny Caption, Win a Prize

Now, don’t ask me where I got these [okay, I’ll tell you … one of my guys took them and had me off-load them to my machine so that they could be emailed around … and hey, it’s not like some Boeing guy won’t put funny captions on these and send them around the office … wait, I didn’t say that], but I have cool [in my opinion] photos of flight hardware that we’re building for ISS.

Included in these photos are a couple of astronauts. Since I didn’t take them, I didn’t meet them. That makes nearly three years at this company without having the pleasure [and pain] of dealing with crew. I’m not 100% sure which project this is, but it’s bound to be one of our FRAM FSE projects. Anyway, on to the pictures.

I have seven pictures to show you, and since I’m feeling singularly unwitty today, I won’t provide captions. Provide your own in the comments if you wish, at your own risk:

That last one is especially ripe for commentary, as is the fourth one, although you can’t see all of the Boeing guy’s face to give him a thought balloon. [I could, since I know him, but I won’t. It’d be my luck that he’d Google for his own name, this site would turn up, and then he’d yell at me. :D]


  1. Number 7:
    "Sir, the ‘Penis Replacement 5000’ is 100% guaranteed or your money back!"

    (Dammit, Jess, you got pretty close to stealing my line –and I didn’t look at the captions until after I saw the photos.)

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