Spoken Too Soon?

-sigh- This whole saga is really beginning to frustrate me. I think my biggest frustration is with the rental car I’m driving, which I patently do not like. But hey, it’s a temporary solution, and really is just a thorn in my side.

My insurance company is convinced that my truck is worth $6000. Kelly Blue Book agrees with them. The collision repair shop and I do not, but they’re not interested in our opinion, really. So, Darlene isn’t a total loss like we thought it would be. Still, it is $3200 worth of damage, and that’s an awfully high number, in my mind.

I just talked it over with my parents [well, mainly with Dad–Mom, for the first time in living memory, said, “I don’t have any advice”–causing me to nearly have a seizure from pure shock], and Dad counseled me that, even with his proclivities towards trucks, he would go ahead and authorize the repairs, hold on to the truck, and see what happens. Maybe there’s more damage than originally considered–who knows, until you really begin to tear the thing apart and check it out?
Yeah, I’ll readily admit that no small part of me is rooting for the thing to be totaled out and for me to get the snazzy little WRX. I’ve let myself dream of that again, and that’s always a dangerous thing when you’re a dreamer like I am. But I’ve been giving this a lot of thought today, and what I’ve concluded is this:

o I want the WRX, but I certainly don’t need a new vehicle if Darlene is, indeed, repairable.

o The part of me that gets all teary-eyed in thinking that I might get my beloved little Darlene back is really, really winning out right now. From the morning after the wreck until yesterday, I really did think the ol’ girl was gone. I guess I liken it to a girl breaking up with you, you grieving over the loss of the relationship, and then her calling you back and saying that she was stupid and wrong and wants you back. Sure, you might buy her a milkshake–or, in my case, pay the deductible–just to remind her how much you love her [and she loves you], but hey, that’s a small price to pay for a relationship, right?

o It may be silly to cry over a truck, but dammit, I’m doing it as I type. Hell, I’m already thinking about all the things I’ll do to fix the truck up all spiffy-like as I’d planned to do before the wreck with hopefulness.

The long-term issue that I’ve also given thought to is this: the WRX would be expensive, because not only do I gain a car payment, I also get the higher insurance rates that this dumbassed endeavor of mine definitely deserves. I’d thought about buying that little Winnebago so Mike, George, and I could run all over the country calling hockey games and acting the fool, and hell, this allows that hopeful possibility yet again. Sure, my insurance rates on Darlene will go up, too, but let’s look at it: raised rates on a used truck or raised rates on a peppy new car?

Darlene, unless that collision repair manager gives me a damn good reason not to do so, I’m a-gonna bring you back on home, baby. Yay.


  1. Just a bit of info. Unless it has changed, in the state of Alabama when the cost of repair meets 75% of the book value, it is automatically totaled. This is true if the repairs have begun and more damage is found. My dad works with a guy that hit a deer and they could not get the smell out. The car was fine- all but the smell. Continuing to spend money to get the smell out ran the total up to the 75% and it was totaled. Just FYI.

    I’m going to bed now.

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