To Explain …

… I spent a lot of time at work yesterday. Far too much, actually. Spent a little at Amy and Jeff’s for dinner, got to meet Amy’s old college roommate from Hendrix.

To put it simple, we’re having to make some mid-course corrections in how we manage our various flight hardware projects for Boeing. What we’ve been doing just hasn’t been working–at least in terms of trying to get things done in a timely manner. As I’m part of the project office for this effort, I’ve got to try to re-finagle our schedules and get them back together so we’re representative of the effort and can try to manage some of the resource headaches we’ve been having.

The biggest headaches, of course, aren’t our people. At present, we only have one Boeing and one government quality person assigned to this project. If they’re out watching testing, we’re dead in the water on getting inspections on anything else. One of the things that we have to do is get quality scheduled a bit better. This means that we have to drill down another level on the schedules, something that I suggested that we do a few months ago when I started doing this. That suggestion was pushed aside then because it wasn’t really necessary; now that it is, we’re paying for it.

I went back to work early this morning to do the video for church. [Must get PowerPoint on this laptop!] I came back from church and promptly sacked out for about three hours. I feel very guilty about not helping with stuff around the house today, but I was fighting falling asleep the entire drive home. I wouldn’t have been any help around here. And yes, I still need to go back to work sometime tonight.