Frustrations Mount

I swear, it’s not enough to tell some people what you need them to do in order for you to help them with their job. I think you need to write it on their hands and their foreheads [in reverse] in permanent ink so they can’t help but realize what you’re asking.

Because of that, the time I spent up here yesterday is pretty much for naught, because the party in question isn’t ready to meet with me today so we can work towards resolving the situation that’s causing everyone up here to have a lot of frustration and me to be up here and working on this stuff rather than being at the apartment helping Todd get my stuff out the door [or, hell, get the kitchen cleaned up or any of the other things that Todd did while I was at work this weekend].

I’ve just about done all I can do today, and unless my boss strenuously objects, I’m going to take off in a little bit and go grab a few loads of stuff and dump them off at the Outhouse. I can’t get the remaining big furniture into the car, but I can get it disassembled and into the living room where I can find some truck [Todd’s or a rental] to put it in and cart it home.


  1. I’ll be over there about 5:00 tonight to get the rest of your furniture. I think I can get the furniture in one load and I brought a bunch of boxes over to the apartment for you to throw your loose stuff into so we can load it in the truck and save on trips up and down the stairs and to and from the apartment.

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