Big To-Do

Again, m4d pr0pz to Todd, without whom I’d be wholly screwed on the moving front. Damn, I miss my truck. Of course, the Semi is so big that we got two loads’ worth of my truck in his.

I really need to repair my bed. The bottom frame’s cross-piece is starting to get stripped out. A couple wooden golf tees, some wood glue, and a drill will fix that up quite quickly. Tonight, however, it’s getting the last few bits of stuff out of the apartment and to the new place for all of us [mostly me, but Blake has a few things there] and cleaning it. Todd’s done the bulk of the cleaning already, and I’ll get the vacuuming on my end done and mop up the hall bath, and we should be good. Sure, I’m on about five hours’ sleep, but when you play Mr. Last MInute …

Todd has started calling me “wonton”, because as he says, “You have wonton of stuff.” Well, not really, but I do have a lot of stuff. And it was crammed into a very small bedroom. Here, I got lotsa lotsa room! Verra nice.

Mmmmm … I better go think about getting the laundry out over at the house and getting to work. I so want to call in sick or something like that, but that’s unethical and painful, especially considering that someone else who does Boeing Status Tuesday was out sick last week, which made it hard on the rest of us. I can’t do that to them guilt-free.


  1. I do find it amusing that Sean and I were given a week to move and you guys were given a month to move and we still finished moving before you guys did. 🙂

  2. If we only had a week to move we would have gotten it done just the same. We just didn’t make a concerted effort to try and get it done in one weekend and we were working on other things at the house like getting bedrooms painted, carpet put in, all that stuff before we moved. So thbbbbbbt!

  3. Right. There was a lot of work that Todd, Anthony, and Blake had to do on the interior of the house before they could move their stuff over, and all the painting has been fun, too. [I say that seriously, because I like to paint.] Grab a brush if you guys want …

  4. You’re just making excuses now. Sean and I’ve got a lot of stuff that needs to be done with our place, we just went ahead and moved and will take care of the various problems as we have time to deal with them. So, phbbbbbbbt! back!

  5. The interior work on the house had to be done before anyone could move their stuff in. Anthony lived in the living room for a week until carpet was laid and enough painting was done to make it happen.

    You didn’t see this house before we moved in. Every place has some work to do. This had a HELL of a lot.

  6. I’m not making excuses, I’m giving you the reason why we’ve taken so long to move. If you had two months to move, you would take it, if it meant that you could get a lot of work done before you moved in and that it would ultimately save you time that way. Trust me, I’ve moved a lot more stuff in one weekend than you could ever dream of having in that little condo you had. I worked for global vanlines at one time, and I moved all of the furniture out of our 5500 sq. ft. farm house in TN in one weekend, ask Anthony how much stuff that worked out to be. He helped me off load it all. So thbbbbbbbbt back to you.

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