One More Night

Okay, so I don’t want to fool with it, but I’m just going to pot the “whine” gain down to nothing and go on and get the rest of my stuff moved. If I could have moved around a bit more today, rather than just sit here at my desk, I’d probably not be so stiff. Oooooh, look, Advil. That should solve that problem.

My wrangling with the schedules is done for the day. The work I put in on them this weekend was very worth it–the schedule slips that are caused by our customer are now very clearly presented, and that’s a very important thing. It’s one thing for the Boeing POC and us to say that Boeing is the problem; it’s another to have it graphically on the schedule.

Of course, I still haven’t gotten to meet with the person I should have met with yesterday. The stalling and delaying is somewhat familiar, and all the more frustrating because of that. However, this is work, and we’ve got to get this done. The schedules are now being read, though, and of that, I am thankful.

How scary is it that August starts on Thursday? Pardon me, but where the heck did my summer go?


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