Farewell, S—hole

You know, about the second week of August, I realized I’d made a mistake in selecting an apartment. Don’t get me wrong–I loved living up on Monte Sano. [You’ve heard me babble on and on about this before.] But I made a mistake in taking the smallest bedroom in that apartment. If money had been no object, we should have rented two apartments, side by side, and that way, we might have had enough room for all of us.

However, with much help from Sarah and Todd, the moving is done and the cleaning is complete. Blake just came in from work and handed me his keys; I’ll take off at lunch and go turn them in sometime today. That apartment is cleaner than it was when we got the keys–and I’m really not kidding. Todd gets the props for that.

If you think I’m done, well, hell no! I should take a photo of the pile of boxes. I haven’t earned the nickname “wonton” [for having “wonton of stuff”] for nothing. The garage is full of boxes and such, and hey, there’s still a lot of exterior work to do [painting, board replacement] here at Club Todder III.

But man, it’s good to be out of there…