Stupid Fortune Cookie

“Depend on the predictability and steadiness of life to support you.”

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off, folks.

Amy’s college roommate, Monica, said to me this weekend, “Oh, so you’re one of those people who thrives on always being busy?” Amy chirped, “Yeah, without a to-do list that he’s always behind on, Geof would never get anything done.” This week, so far, has been proof of that. Never mind that I’ve been without my truck for over two weeks, and that I probably could have gotten my stuff moved before now had I had the truck–I’d probably have put it off a bit myself to do other things. Todd’s right about that–now that we have the apartment cleared, we can concentrate on the house. We have a deadline–August 15th–and the only thing I don’t like about that deadline is that it’s not unreasonable enough. 🙂

Let me pass on two lessons for the day: one, when you agree to a schedule, don’t slip it back three weeks at the drop of a hat; two, when you screw up something, report it as early as possible.

F— it, I tempted the Rain Gods by washing my rental today, so mowing is going down. I’m going to sit down and watch the Reds game and drink beer. Screw being responsible.


  1. I happened to know two of the performers; You might know one of them; Linda Wood. I haven’t been to a play since like hihg school, so it was anice change from my grind of work, work, work. The play was really good! I recommend it to everyone. "Steel Magnolias" begins at 8PM at the Renaissance Theatre tonight thru Saturday. The website is if anyone is interested.

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