Today’s been kinda nuts. It’s been a lot of hurrying up and waiting, backing up and going forward full speed.

Well, that’s kinda normal around here.

Anyhow, had one of my customers in from Houston. [I really like this guy. He’s understanding and doesn’t question every little thing you tell him. It’s nice.] We joked about his frequent flyer miles, and he said, “Well, yesterday’s flight made me hit Gold status this year. I think I’m going to take a nice, long vacation in February.”

I think I just might, too. I’ll just have to make my class schedule in the spring conducive to doing so, or take spring break off. That’s actually a thought–I never took a traditional spring break while I was at UAH. The first couple of years, I think I went home, and the last three years I would spend working full-time at TBE. [Wait, no, the first year I think I spent in Huntsville working on PJ’s campaign. :)]

As it is, though, I’m going to be here at least another hour, and I’m so beat that I’m not going to be much for painting tonight when I get home. Maybe I should just grab the roller, the extension arm, a roller tray, and some paint and hit the gable ends of the Outhouse.

Either that or collapse into a heap when I walk in the door.

Either way, I’ve got to do some laundry last night. Fun.

What’s been tougher is that, like a moron, I left my Visor at home today. I’ve felt naked without it!


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