The Life of a Wondergeek Website

Step 1: Become a Wondergeek.

Step 2: Submit to group pressure to create your own Web site.

Step 3: Beg Gareth for server space or buy your own.

Step 4: Have someone install Greymatter for you.

Step 5: Play with GM until you decide that you can’t make the design.

Step 6: Have someone make the design.

Step 7: Post a few times.

Step 8: Decide that, dammit, you can make your own design.

Step 9: Coerce a Wondergeek to show you how GM Really Works™.

Step 10: Make your own site.

Step 11: Play with site more now that it’s yours.

Step 12: Dare to enable comments.

Step 13: Revel in the fact that People Actually Read My Site™.

Step 14: Post more often.

Step 15: Curse Geof and Heather for posting so damn often. You like being on top of the queue at WG every once in a while.

Step 16: Overcome the urge and let your site drift to a semi-regular posting scheme.

What have I missed? 🙂


  1. Drink heavily? Do shooters of ether?
    Attend a "Family Values" rally?
    Lay into some genuine newfie ‘screech’ and play at chinese fire-drills all night?
    Translate the entire web site into serbian?

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