Like I Belong

Today, I feel like an engineer.

Today, I can look at my business card, see “Engineer, International Programs”, and not laugh.

Today, I feel like I won a couple of battles. The war isn’t over–it’s probably just barely begun–but it’s starting to turn our way. The cavalry–in the form of an impartial observer with a mandate to get these projects off of the proverbial dime, no matter whose dime it is–is on its way and will be here Friday morning.

It may get ugly for a few days, but it will be worth it in the long run. However, I can already feel another Saturday at work coming on. I just … know. Of course, I also realize that I’ll be at 40 hours when I leave work tomorrow. -shrug- All part of the business. In six months, we may all be out of work. That’s aerospace for you.

For now, it’s a quest to find dinner and two promises written in blood:

1. I will see ULF-1 [the STS flight that will carry all of our current bust-ass work] fly from the Cape into orbit … in person. I don’t care if I have to take vacation and drive all night–I’m seeing this sumbitch launch with my own eyes.

2. The week of the CHA tournament in Nebraska, I’m taking the week off and doing a little R&R before and after.