More Opportunities for Excellence

My manager is an optimist–or so you would think, hearing him speak. When a challenge presents itself, he will call it “an opportunity for excellence”. When I look at all that’s gone on in the last two weeks here at work, I’d say that there have been plenty of opportunities, and almost all of them have seen excellent work done by TBE folks. [Very little of that has been done by me … I’m just the schedule weenie who comes in and slows everyone down by asking them niggling little questions, but hey, I’m one of the customer interfaces, so I sorta have to do it.]

Well, today will have more opportunities. One of our projects just might get out of the door today. I wasn’t very sure it would when I left last night, but evidently God has been provident again and smiled on our sorry, pathetic asses. We also now have the senior person from the customer that should take care of some of our external resource problems. Watching him work is going to be fun.

Of course, last night I found out that some of the relief valves that we’d just recently repaired for one of our Japanese customers have again failed in testing. I suggested a change in the test procedure after looking over all the documentation, and I went home feeling fairly confident that we’d put that one to bed. Nope–they tested it as suggested and it still failed. Who knows what all fun this will bring my way … but all in all, it’s just another opportunity for excellence.


  1. Well, can’t say that I’ve been all that helpful on the board so far… but I’ve only missed on meeting!! I’m doing better than some as far as attendance goes. Maybe that helps for something. 🙂

  2. Have you requested to go on-site to test and troubleshoot? 🙂 A cheap way to visit Japan (the last refuge of sycophants and misogynists).

  3. Amy: very funny!

    Paul: It is indeed possible. It’s either there or to lovely Springfield, NJ, home to our vendor.

    Man, I’ve spent the last two hours talking this one over. The plain and simple answer is that we don’t freaking know. It could be any one of a number of things. -sigh-

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