Usual Amount of Insanity

Well, the office is predictably nutty this morning. We’re all pretty well on-edge right now, no matter what project it is you’re working on. I probably haven’t explained my office situation before, so why not now? I’m in a true project office–we’re far removed from the manufacturing folks [physically and otherwise] that manufacture our FRAM parts that you read me kvetching about on a daily basis. We also have our lovely Canadian payload, Space-DRUMS™, that Anthony also get to deal with out at TBE’s spot at MSFC. Then there’s our Japanese work, which makes us lots of money and causes lots of headaches.

/me pauses to down two Advil

Ed just wandered in my office and asked me to follow through with him on some math. Frankly, it’s the fundamental math that keeps International Programs going: the fact that our profit margins are three times higher for our commercial contracts than the government contracts that TBE generally gains. As Ed said when I proved his math right: “See, people want to see us as small business … but the truth of the matter is that we can make just as much money on a much smaller contract.” That said, we also do it with many fewer personnel, which is what makes our little seven-person outfit the second-most profitable group in our company … behind our massive, 300+-person ISS contract and ahead of most of the Environmental stuff.

Sometimes, smaller is better.


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