Darlene Update

Well, here I am a month and a couple of days after my incident with the tree, and my truck is still in the shop. -sigh- Because these guys are trying to get it perfect, it will be no earlier than Friday when it’s ready. This is disappointing, when you consider that I originally should have had the vehicle back last Wednesday.

My rental coverage from my insurance company runs out tomorrow. The collision shop said that their deal with USAA involves them covering the same amount that the rental has been running USAA when their delays have been slowing up resolution of the claim. I have to verify that today, but I’m at least glad that I won’t be paying $23/day to drive an absolute piece of crap [i.e., a Ford Focus].

Now I get to make a wonderful call to New Jersey and find out if our vendor has gotten their story straight on these dad-blasted relief valves. I hope that they have. If not, my manager is going to be on them like white on rice on a paper plate in a glass of milk in a snowstorm, and frankly, that’s not any fun [not that I’d know; I’ve just seen it happen before]. I’m now pretty sure that these valves aren’t up to the needs of our customer, but that blame can be spread among all three companies. Fun.

Thanks, Sean, for lunch. Heather, I hope you liked my voicemail. 🙂

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