Slow to Move

“You know, I’d love to not work on Friday. I’d get up early and mow the rest of the grass.”

“You, get up early?”

“Well, it’s theoretically possible.”

(laugh) “Theoretically.”

“Hey now, Todd! I got up early to go sing in church on Sunday morning.”

Yep, I was actually at church by this time Sunday morning. I wasn’t at home in my boxers with my laptop in my lap, pecking on my site. Like Heather, I’m slow to move this morning. I guess the key to that is the fact that I just have 6.5 paid hours left in the work week. Sometime this afternoon, I start working for free. That thought causes violent allergic reactions, but unfortunately, I have to be at the Friday morning status meeting, and I’ll have followup stuff to do all day.

Waaaaaahooooo. I’ve already got the cheese to go with the whine. Thanks for thinking of me, though.


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