Man, the foam party tonight was so much fun. I have photos offloaded from my camera, but right now, I’m too distracted to do anything with them. This probably brings to 300 the number of photos that I have in a queue to retouch and stuff … all the Florida ones and now these.

I dialed back the recording settings on the digicam to 1280×800 [or whatever the proper ratio is … I’m too tired and lazy to look it up at present], which gave me 375 phots to take. I took about 130. Some of them are going to be quite great. I won’t do that real often–photos “for me” are going to be taken at max resolution so I have the most area to play with [like I’m a Photoshop wiz or something, heh]–but for this outing, it seemed like the wisest idea.

I found that taking photos close to the foam machine output gave a great effect … just like being inside the foam itself. Since the foam machines were running suboptimally–they were jury-rigged by yours truly, since no one had bothered to see that we had the right hoses and such, and we also didn’t have enough foam solution–we didn’t have a lot of foam, and that necessitated that I take photos creatively.

After the party started to wind down, I walked into the UC and sat down in the lobby. I put together a huge set of notes about all that went right and wrong [mostly wrong]. It was starting to get me down, having lots of bad things to correct, but then a foreign student walked up to me and said, “Man, you guys put on a great party. Thank you so much.” I smiled and thanked him.

UAH is a commuter school. Getting students to come out for anything is hard. Honestly, I think we had 600+ students there tonight. Part of me thinks that it could have been as high as 1000, but that’s probably overstating it. But it was the most fun that I’d ever seen students have on our campus in my five years here. I’m just glad to have been a part.

But man oh man, is it going to be hard to get up in the morning! Photos to come, as always on


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