This weekend, I’ve not been good for much. Headaches [freaking sinuses], just generally tired. I’ve gotten some stuff read for class, which is good, because the weekends are going to be prime studying time, but still … I just feel like I’ve been next to useless. Oh well, maybe I just needed to recharge the batteries a bit.

I do hope to have my truck back tomorrow. The manager of the collision shop and I are on a first name basis, and I swear, the receptionist knows my voice when I call on the phone. She’s kinda cute, actually, but she’s married. -chuckle-

Anyhow, the truck went into their paint shop Friday. Provided that nothing weird happened there, it was going to cure over the weekend and then have the stripe kit applied in the morning. Hopefully I will leave for work in the Focus and return with Darlene.

You want to know how ready I am for this? Between the two rentals, I’ve put 2000 miles on cars that are not mine. It’s been painful to drive an automatic that long.

Well, that’s enough rambling for a night. I think I’m going to sit here and read a little bit, enjoy these spiffy spiral headphones from Sony that I’ve had but not used for a couple of weeks, and then mosey off to bed. Work looms in the distance, awaiting me with big, nasty, pointy teeth. -ffffth-