Another Day, Another Delay

Well, I’ll get the truck tomorrow.


They hadn’t looked at the aftermarket grille they’d ordered until today; found out it was crap. Ordered a new one from a local dealership just to get it ASAP [waiting on an aftermarket one would have caused a three-day slip, and the rental car company is now charging the collision shop for what the insurance was covering], so they should have it tomorrow.

What is nice is that they’re going to clean the truck out for me. If you’ve ever seen my truck, you’re laughing and/or cringing at that thought. They’re going to put it all in a box and leave it all nice and clean. For what it’s worth, that’s worth a day’s wait. 😉

The whole waiting saga reminds me of work, where I rip off the Hokey Pokey: “I put a task in / I pull a task out / I put a task in / and I slip the schedule out / I do the Hokey Pokey and I slip the schedule out / that’s what it’s all about.”


  1. I think the Hokey Pokey thing is definitely factoring in on the Ant-Dawg’s comment there.

    The guys at the collision shop must not have looked inside your truck yet, if they think they put all that in one box! It’s no wonder your poor little truck rides so low to the ground. 🙂

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