Electrical Issues

You know, whenever Amy will let me at Quarto, there will be a whole category entitled the “Darlene Saga”. I keep wondering if I should have taken my grandmother up on her offer of $5000 the Friday after the accident … I’d have a perfectly good working 2002 Subaru WRX sedan and a broke-ass electrical system in my secondary vehicle, Darlene.

Oh well, at least she runs mechanically well, has been perfectly aligned, and still loves me.

I sat down last night with my Haynes book and troubleshooted what all could be wrong with. It comes down to two things: fuses, or bad wiring. I finally got the 10A fuse for my turn signals pulled, and sure enough, it was blown. Since fuses are cheap and I was pissed, I decieded to replace the fuse with the spare 10A that I had and see what would happen. I got about a blink and a half before the system went kaput again.

Yep, folks there be a short in my eeeelecktrickle system. There wasn’t one before the wreck. You do the math. I’ve called USAA [“take it back”, duh] and the collision shop [“Mark isn’t in at the moment”]. I wonder what car I can finagle from Enterprise this time … I’m really tempted to rent a convertible or something, since it’ll be on the collision shop’s bill.



  1. I had a rental car long enough to drive to Quizno’s, get lunch, drive back to the office, sit down, eat 1/4 of the sub, and then get a phone call that my truck was fixed.

    I don’t need the temptation to drive to Canada, Will … if I left now, I could be in Toronto by morning. TEMPTING!

  2. Get the Signature Rentals….Try the Jaguar or even the BMW convertible and come on up for a weekend of beer, beer and playing with my toys at the range (I’ve got this sweet little Glock 18 you see)

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