Insomnia is a demon.


Oh well, I think I shall flip my TV off, let the sweet sound of Caedmon’s Call provide some background noise, snarf down a melatonin tablet, and try to read for a bit before I shuffle off to sleep. This is something I need to do more regularly … my sleep pattern is all out of whack. Again. Yeesh.


  1. Sleep. I remember this.

    Saturday night: ~3 hours of sleep.
    Sunday night: 2.

    Monday, noon: hands shaking uncontrollably, eyes not focusing, one domesticat is banished to the tech staff "nap room" to sleep until she resembled a human being again.

    I woke up about three hours later and thought clearly for the first time in many hours.

    Now the fuzz is back again. I shall sleep well tonight, indeeeeeeed.

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