I left my cell phone at home today. I couldn’t find it this morning. I remembered where it was about the time I got to work: it’s on the counter just inside the door at the house. I took it out of my pocket in fear that I would be summarily shoved into the pool. I was. Thanks, Jackie. 🙂

If you’re trying to get ahold of me during the day today, you might wish to call my work number, 726-1468.

Party was fun. Now, what to do with the extra food I bought for all the bastards that didn’t show up and eat … anyone up for burgers and dogs, like every night this week? I’ve got 50 lbs. of charcoal … 😉

[Oh, and Anthony kicks ass for being the house-painting and -cleaning mofo. That’s all.]


  1. Sure, bring it over here to L.A. 😉 I love nothing better than a flame-broiled (meatless – I’m a vegetarian) burger, but I don’t get to have them nearly often enough…

  2. Information I could have used when I called it 6 times earlier today trying to remind you about the photo op that you missed.

    Oh well, at least they were individual pics. We’ll probably do a group one later.

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