Back, I Think

Well, while my stomach isn’t well and truly happy with breakfast, it can bite my ass and get over it. I needed some caloric intake if I was going to make it through the morning, much less the day. Things seem to have settled down, including the horrible headache I’ve had the last two days. Nonetheless, I have da good drugs here to solve my various, ah, issues.

Already been on the phone with the boss–who’s out himself, though I’m not quite sure where he is–and realize that I get to be his sole information source on updates, as per usual. Nothing’s changed, although he hadn’t heard that I was out sick and was wondering why I hadn’t called or responded to his email before now. 🙂

Well, now I get to figure out where the hell I print in this office …


  1. I’m not too sure that I’ve totally defeated it. Sure, the symptoms have subsided, but right now, a good gust of wind would knock my fat ass over.

    Of course, my fat ass isn’t so fat … the belt setting that worked on Monday does *not* work today.

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