Quoting Myself

Darcie’s making me do this, but hey, I consent to it. She says that it was “honestly the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard”, and since I’m in that kinda mood, well, I’m posting. If you don’t like it, stick it in your ear. 😉

“You know what I want from a relationship?

“Someone, at the end of the day, to talk to about what went right and what went wrong.

“Someone, who no matter how great or how shitty the day was, gives me a hug and a kiss and tells me that she loves me.

“I don’t want premarital sex.

“I don’t want complicated drama.

“I just want the love of a good woman.”

Sure, I want someone who’s fun to be around and who likes to do crazy stuff from time to time … but, that’s it.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?


  1. I think you’ve got some pretty good ideas of what you want out of a relationship and I think they’re perfectly reasonable to expect. Pursue your dreams, Geof, you’re on the right track. 🙂

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