Some Days You’re the Cow …

… and some days, you’re the pasture.

I am not mooing.

It all started around 4:03 a.m., when some automated fax-sending service decided that my home phone number was a fax machine. Oh well, they only called three times.

It got a little better when I got up this morning and dozed through some TV. That was nice. It was also nice to chat with Kat and Heather for a quick bit before I hopped in the truck to go to work.

That’s when it got worse. You see, my truck’s battery, which had been on its last legs, died. I paged my boss to have him call me so that I could tell him that I’d be late, and then I walked over to the house to see if Anthony was still home. He was, so after he got a few things set up, off we went to Wal-Mart.

As we drove to Wally World, the bottom fell out of the thunderstorm that covered much of Madison County this morning. We ran in, and then got to stand in line for 20 minutes waiting for the automotive folks to look up a battery for me. Why the wait? Wal-Mart’s automated battery selector was down.

Got the battery, got back in the car, drove back home. Anthony drops me off, I tell him how much I owe him, and I proceed to do the changeout. All well and good, except I can’t find my metric wrench set [who knows what box it’s in out in the garage], and my 10mm socket isn’t a deep-well socket. Makes for a fun, knuckle-busting time to change the battery.

Replace it I did, however, and it started up the first time, just great. It hasn’t started that well in a couple of months … proof that the battery needed changing. Of course, sitting for a month uncranked at the collision shop didn’t help, either.

I related all this to the Boeing QE, who was standing outside the door smoking a cigarette as I walked in at 9:50. He said, “My advice to you is to get back in the truck and go back home and go back to bed. I won’t say that I saw you, and you can blame it on a bad starter or something.” It was tempting, but I’m here nonetheless.

It’ll get better from here. I just know it. 🙂