Mass Droolage


I’ve been thinking about purchasing a new A/V receiver. It simply comes down to the fact that, now that I have a TV with S-Video and high-quality audio inputs, I should have an A/V receiver that handles those. My lovely little Aiwa has been a great little trucker for the last three years, but it’s just not up to my … well, not needs, but desires.

So, I’ve found what I want to get: a Sony STR-DE985. Sweetness, in a box. And hey, the old Aiwa doesn’t have to be chucked … the “second room” function could be used with that as a receiver. And yes, I actually have a way to use it. 🙂

Of course, this would still be pushing sound out through my bargain-basement KLH speakers, but one thing at a time. I’ve seen these on eBay for around $400, and found one place online selling them for about $350. Sometime soonish.


  1. Keep an eye out at Best Buy. I got a good receiver for quite a nice price because it was open box. You won’t find that receiver, likely, but you might still find a really good one for a decent price that way.

  2. Actually, Best Buy will more that likely have that model. The STR line is the ones that Best Buy, Crutchfield and major retail outlets carry. When I left, the STR-DE935 was the top Sony.

    I would also take a look at the Yamaha HTR-5560. It does not have the multi room feature but has plenty of I/O. It also has a MUCH lower Total Harmonic Distortion
    rating. Yamaha has the best DSP sound fields hands down as well.

  3. I would second that thought on yamaha. They really do make the best middle range recievers out there. One big thing is that they have discrete amplification, meaning a seperate amplifier for each channel, you will get a much cleaner sound and more actual power for your speakers. Heh, that is what i get from being a manager in the home theater area….

  4. Can I third Yamaha? Or, for the mid-range stuff, third anything that’s not Sony? I have a Sony STR-DE705 (I think… it’s a 7-something) that’s about 6 or 7 years old. It’s still going strong, but the mid-range Sonys definitely have a bit of a hiss to them. Top-end stuff is great, but you can get better mid-range stuff for the same amount of money.

    On-screen displays for amps are, IMO, overrated. Either there are functions you can only access through the OSD (and turning on your TV to access these functions is a pain in the ass) or the OSD gets in the way of regular viewing. I think this was the reason why I went for the 705 instead of either the 800 or the 900 series when I bought my amp.

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