Kat signed up for Senate!

She did it of her own free will. All of you who are now pissed with me can bite my ass. Especially Sean. 🙂

Maybe now Kat can stop bitching about stuff and start fixing it … 🙂

Off to UAH to go raise some hell, back after lunch.


  1. You know, my entire MGT 301 class today was a big bitchfest by students who don’t understand that they’re barking up the wrong tree.

    They don’t want to fix the problem, they want someone to hear them complain about it so that they feel justified in their pissy attitude.

    Applause to Kat.

  2. Mike: word. Oh, and ignore that message I left on the answering machine at home. I’m buying my tickets after next payday.

    Kat: yes, but isn’t this a good thing?

    Todd: you’re absolutely right … bitching *is* easier.

    Anthony: he probably didn’t, because I still haven’t gotten him the tape recorder. Soon, soon…

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