Happy Birthday, Rick

Rick, always trying to catch up to me. Don’t worry, guy–nine more days and I’m older again. 🙂

Much love, big guy, much love. You don’t know what it means to still have your sorry lanky self around these days.


  1. Dude,
    You’re ALWAYS going to be older than me 🙂 You’re my senior! I’m supposed to respect my elders, right?

    Anyways, its off to church and then back to Huntsville for a soccer game at 4:00 (so I unfortunately have to leave really early) after that I get an evening of homework and TV watching.

    As for sports, go Deuce! (plays the Bears at noon today)

  2. Can I go ahead and just veer a little to close?

    I hate group work.

    I hate group work.

    I HATE group work!


    Ok, that’s my vent. Go Saints!

  3. But ona more positive note, thank you to all of you who have sent me something or posted on here about my birthday. I love you all and will maybe get to see all of you someday. (just not this week)

  4. It turns out that it really was. I had a lot of fun playing soccer (until the last few minutes of the game when our team collapsed), I made real progress on my work for Kulick’s class, and I got to watch a rather silly episode of Buffy.

    The only sucky part is that I had to leave Oxford so early to make it back for my soccer game. But the cupcakes did survive in the truck during the game 🙂

    Anyway, I’m strangely energized this morning and am ready to get to work.

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