Screeching to a Halt

That’s what any weekend plans I had just did.

Well, that really happened about an hour ago, but it took this long to echo up to my keyboard. [Sound travels slower at TBE. Don’t ask. You don’t want a yellow badge, do you?]

Anyhow … with James [expletive deleted] Drake leaving our fair company, I’ve got to pick up his work on Space-DRUMS™, the ill-fated Canadian payload we’ve been building to go on ISS. We’ve got two gas bottles that should go out the door tonight while I’m in class, two that have failed one test and will probably be shipped to them as-is, and most importantly, the gas module to test.

As I was reading the AGM test procedure today, I thought to myself, “Who was the stupid SOB who wrote this test procedure? Oh, yeah, that was me.” Most co-ops get insulated from the dumb mistakes they make as co-ops when they become engineers. Mine just jumped up and bit me square in the tuckus. Yeeeehaw.

So, anyhow, we want to get all this equipment up to Canada postus-hastus, so that means early mornings and late nights until it ships, which should hopefully happen early next week. Of course, that means that my weekend is shot … and with next week my birthday and the next weekend being my travel time up to Jersey, well … hope Mom and Dad weren’t too set on seeing me anytime soon.


  1. Kat: I think my parents are even sorrier to hear that. I hope things improve for my birthday, but my birthday will be spent giving a party for someone else. I can’t say too much publicly, though … 😉

    Will: Space-DRUMS is a Dynamically Responding Ultrasonic Matrix System. It’s also a f—ing nightmare of a payload.

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