Our Connectors Are GAY!

No, really.

We were back in the 100K clean room testing the Argon Gas Module today, and we weren’t getting anything. Nothing. Nada. Zip. So, we started jiggering things around, looking for a problem. Checked all input voltages and currents–just fine. Checked the outputs … nothing.

Eventually, we pulled the connector, and then it became clear … the former female connector on the end of our breakout box that we’re using to test didn’t fit the flight male connector on the AGM yesterday, so we found one that fit it. However, the one that fit was a male connector. The pins are short enough that they never hit each other, so there’s no damage to the connector …

… but I just thought that it was funny that we were trying to make a homosexual connection with our damn hardware. Also, I hope that Noah will forgive me for being a bit, ah, insensitive in this entry. 😉

I love this job.


  1. Rule Number One of being a sound man is (and I qoute) … "There is no such thing as a homesexual cable."

    Are you trying to meet some Federal mandate about equal representation by cables of an alternative connector lifestyle.

  2. No, Brian … I’m just trying to get this piece of flight hardware out the door as fast as humanly possible. If it would test up right with two male connectors, I don’t give a happy damn. Alas, it won’t.

  3. Oh, no forgiveness necessary – a little insensitivity, I’ve found, is actually quite good when it comes to plugging one’s hardware into certain connectors. You know, to help those currents flow more smoothly when you jigger things around and all.

    (…sorry [I *really* am], but you DID ask for it this time.) ;D

  4. I dont want to even consider the terminology correlation between "gender bender connector interface" and whatever is on all of your sick sick minds…

    –ducks and runs far far away–

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