The Things I Do for TBE

Last night, somewhere amidst the rest of my insanity, I had the germination of an idea: instead of flying to Jersey, why not drive? I mean, that weekend’s going to be screwed by the fact that I have to travel, so why not enjoy it?

I’m an aerospace engineer, and I really don’t like to fly. Sure, it gets me there quickly, and the view from the air is cool and all, but there’s nothing like a good road trip in my book. Now, I’ll get to take one. Because Ed didn’t decide early enough when we’d go, we don’t get three-weeks-in-advance tickets. That means it’d be about $1000 for me to fly from Huntsville-Atlanta-Newark and back. I can rent a car for $37/day. You do the math.

I actually wanted to take my truck, but they won’t let me. Well, they would, but I’d have to fight a lot of paperwork, and I have too much real work to do in order to have my stereo a-blastin’ the entire trip. [Even at $0.365/mi, it’d still be cheaper than flying, but not as cheap as a rental car, probably. So hey. If I were driving a new car, I’d raise hell. This, I won’t.]

Why am I even considering this? Two reasons. The first is that this is warranty re-work for TBE, and any place we can save money is good. The second is the more important reason for doing so–visiting folks along the way. You know, if I drive up the Eastern Seaboard, who will be on my path? If you guessed Andy and Heather, you get a cookie. [You gotta buy it, though–can’t stick that on the expense report since I wouldn’t be eating it for you. Sorry.]

I figure if Andy and Heather are in town that weekend–which Heather says is a good possibility, given Andy’s work situation–I drive from Huntsville to MD on Saturday, spend Saturday night goofing off with them, and leave out early on Sunday morning and get up to Jersey in time to figure out where the hell I am.

That, and I can add states to the List of States I’ve Been In. Currently, I’m at 27. Hockey season is going to bump me into the 30’s. This trip will add Jersey to be sure, though I think that’s it.

Anyway … save TBE some money, not adversely affect my week, and drive about 1900 miles round trip. Sign me up, baby.