We’ve been asked to deliver our Argon Gas Module to our customer “AS-IS”.

Even so, I don’t like it one iota.

When this thing blows up, and we get dragged to court, I will make it quite plain that I did not want to see this thing put up on orbit, and I guess I get to use IJSM as testimonial evidence of that fact. It is not safe to allow this thing to go out the door untested, as our customer has shown a critical willingness to skirt testing procedures in the past in order to meet schedule. There is absolutely no way that I will knowingly and willingly put the lives of ISS crew at risk, and if there are any open non-conformance reports on the AGM, I’m going to clearly state that fact on every disposition.

I am not amused. I am a good little engineer, and I do what I am told, but I am not paid to like it.


  1. Please employ "maximum butt coverage" protocols to make sure teeth-marks don’t end up in your ass.

    I faintly remember the Challenger engineers telling their managers that the o-rings would fail in cold weather _before_ the shuttle exploded …

  2. and inevitably, the stupid thing will go into orbit and work within something aproaching operational tolerances for N years. And once again, the penny-pinching short sighted managers will be all smug and say "we told you so" which is precisely the WRONG attitude to take with this stuff, as Feynman and the others said quite explicitly in the report on the challenger disaster…

    bah. bah humbug.

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