21 Hours …

… and I’ll be on the road to the bunker. In about 48 hours, and I should be in Jersey, or at least close. Stopping off to see Andy and Heather since I can’t come for GeekFest NxNE (pout!), then driving up to Jersey. My friend Daniel and I are trying to tag up so we can finally meet while I’m up in the NYC area.

I’m nervous about going, but hell, I don’t have time to be nervous today. I’ve got too much sitting on my desk. The bad thing is, the guy who’ll be covering for me next week is out this week, and I’m already covering for him. I have to get things in some semblance of order on all four projects before I evacuate the area.

It’s going to be good to be back to one project, but as one of our QC inspectors said, “Oh, Geof, they can make four projects’ worth of mistakes.” Thanks, Jill, like I needed that reminder.

On another note, I’m quite floored … with payday yesterday, payment for USA College Hockey articles on Tuesday, and birthday money flowing in, I’ve gone shopping the last two nights. Locations: Circuit City, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble. Total spent: $9, on a paperback copy of Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, which I need to read for class. I figure I’ll have free time at night to look some of this stuff over, which I usually don’t get otherwise. I wanted an audio copy of the book, since I’ll have about 30 hours in the rental car in the next week, but alas, B&N didn’t have one. I might hit the Huntsville Public Library to see if I get lucky before I head out, although I’m not sure that they’ll have it.

I so wanted today off. I worked last weekend, I’ll travel this weekend, and then I’ll work all next week. It’s been nothing but work lately, and that’s getting a bit old. Oh well, they’re paying me for it, and I chose this field. Should just go with the flow, I guess. I will go to Tennessee next weekend, or there will be hell to pay.

Oh well, enough rambling. I have dragons to slay before I leave…

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