On The Road Again

Well, after niggling details to death, I finally got on the road.

The New Jersey Turnpike is nuts. I now understand Jersey drivers. I can even do a good impersonation, considering that I cut a guy off after passing him at … mumble … miles per hour. I mean, wow. When in Rome, eh?

Got to the bunker around 7:00. This is a neat place. I like what Andy and Heather have done with the place. Just too cool.

Must consider sleep. Heather is kicking me off the couch [I’m down here and too tired to hike up to the guest bedroom, plus it seems silly to muss it for me, considering that I’ll sleep for only five or six hours] when she gets ready to leave in the morning, so I should leave around 6:00 a.m. I’ll get to visit my friend Sarah in the morning, and that’ll be cool.

For now, I should think about flipping the lights off and hitting the couch … but my computer is loving having a broadband connection again … 😉