Those Who Are Left Behind

The lucky are in DC.

The unlucky are in Huntsville and Victoria.

So, do the Huntsvillians plan on gathering together? Is Rick going to be in town or over in Oxford, where the “WE BEAT FLORIDA!” party is probably still underway?

I don’t know yet if I’ll be here this weekend. I’m hoping to go home and visit my folks, but that’s entirely work-dependent, unfortunately. I’m going to fight hard not to be here, though. I like you all, but I haven’t seen my parents for three months, and they’d kinda like to see their newly-24-year-old son.


  1. Well, I’ll certainly give it the old college try. I kinda miss my folks, and the thought of four hours in my truck isn’t all that bad … though I probably won’t go until first thing in the morning, since I bet I’m going to get to stick around all day … I am so behind at work that it’s not even funny, and I’ve not even left to go in yet.

    Yes, I’m leaving soon. Hush. 🙂

  2. We’re slowly getting over the WE BEAT FLORIDA!! syndrome. I still hate that I wasn’t there. But yes, Rick is coming here this weekend. We have homecoming. Play Arkansas State! Exciting huh?
    Enjoy your trip home. At the moment I see my parents pretty close to every day. In June though, that will change, and will certainly be odd for me. Even at MSMS, I went home at least every two weeks! 🙂 But yeah, go home and enjoy yourself.

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