Little to Say, and Yet a Lot

I find myself not writing on this site lately, mainly because a lot of it is intensely personal … and I just end up saying it to friends old and new anyway, mainly via IM or on the phone or in person.

I do feel guilty, though, for not sharing with all of you, and, well, myself. These sites are really for me … I just let you read and laugh right along there with me.

Drove home, saw the folks. That was great. Drove back. I’ve put an insane amount of miles on the truck in the past week. I’m really, really glad that we’re taking Mike’s car to Wisco.

Yep, Friday I leave town again. And then again the next two Fridays.

What a fun life I lead. At least it keeps me honest and employed.


  1. I know how you feel. I have had a lot in my life the past few months that is way too personal for the web … most of it is too personal to even share with many friends. It’s not even bad stuff, just not for the rest of the world.

    Welcome to the world of the weblogger.

  2. Well, I usually pour out the old heart on this site … but just haven’t of late.

    And you welcoming me to Weblogging is funny, but appreciated. 🙂

    One of these days, Brian, I might even get to talk to you without interruption. 🙂

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