Damn Fool Computer

So, anyway, my job is to mess with Project schedules. [When not in New Jersey, that is.] So I spend about two hours yesterday cleaning up schedules.

I print schedules this morning and take them into the meeting. I don’t check the schedule.

All my changes … aren’t there. Well, at least most of them. It looks like I was a slackass yesterday. [Well, I was, in a way, but not that much of one!]

I get back to my machine and plunder … and find out that not only is Project saving in Project 2000 format [and no one else at TBE has 2000, so I’ve been saving in 98 all the time], it’s saving them all over the hard drive … doggone! No wonder … I uploaded an old version, because I thought I’d overwritten that one in the saving process, but no … my computer wanted to make me look like a fool.

Dadgum. Jesus saves, and computers do, too; you gotta ask both of them to do it for you, but apparently, you have to ask a computer much more nicely.


  1. Dovorey no provery — Trust, but verify. Ronald Reagan, December 8, 1987. You were only nine when The Great Communicator said that to Gorbachev. And, it is still true for computers as well as people.

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