“We Don’t Support That”

So anyhow, this “new” computer is a PIII. It runs … Windows 95.

This means little in the way of USB support.

From time to time, I have to use digital cameras for work. [Such as yesterday, when I had to take photos of cracked grommets and send them to the customer to get an okay to use as-is.] That means USB access. No can do on my machine. I hate to bother other people and borrow their machines while they’re working.

So, I asked for Windows 98 on this machine. [And hey, maybe it would stop requiring a reboot every two or three hours.]

I get a phone call, “So, you can’t get USB to work? Have you tried everything?” Yeah. USB no likey Win95, dumbass. “Well, we can’t give you Windows 98. We don’t support that anymore.” And you support Windows 95, which is even worse? “And your machine won’t run Windows 2000 optimally.” Well, yes. I already tried to get you to let me install that on here, but you said no, because I wouldn’t like it.

Well, let me tell you … I’ve run Win2K Pro Server on a P166MMX with only 32MB of RAM–in other words, the absolute bare minimum that Microsoft’s CD’s will let the thing install on. [Don’t ask why, it’s a convoluted story involving … USB support.] Anyhow, Win2K isn’t optimal on this machine, sure, but anything is better than twice-daily reboots and file lossage. A slow machine? I can deal with that. A machine that won’t do what I need? I really can’t deal with that.

Meanwhile, the guys upstairs, who really don’t use their machines much at all, have brand new Gateways, the ones with the pretty LCD’s. My boss and I saw some of them the other day, and I asked him, “So Ed, when are we going to stop using hand-me-downs?” He just laughed.

Nothing like being in the redheaded stepchild group.

Anthony would so fit in.


  1. I put photographs from a Mavica FD90 into PowerPoint slides on a Windows 95 machine.

    I believe you may have other things besides photographs that will not work. I can’t help there. Probably did not help with photographs.

  2. That’s not the problem.

    Getting them off of the camera and onto the computer … that’s the problem.

    Speaking of photos, well, I’ve got so many hockey photos that I can barely stand it. Like, um, about 145 photos at 1280×760. Muhahhaahhaha! George rocks as our photographer.

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