“I updated my site to let people know that I’m still alive”

Thanks, Mike. Now I feel like I have to do the same.

Well, this wasn’t a fun weekend. Not only did the team lose 7-2 and 7-0–good football scores, bad hockey scores–but we had problems with the broadcast:

1) Friday night, some @%%hole in Sweden was running a denial-of-service attack on Mike’s computer, which was broadcasting on port 8080 so the nice folks at SportsJuice could pick up the feed and rebroadcast it.

2) Friday night, in the midst of the frustration with said @%%hole, I flung my headphones off and ran to call SportsJuice to tell them to reconnect. [They never knew that they’d lost connection.] As I did so, I apparently let my headphones smack down on the nice cable that Mike had repaired, and my microphone went out in my headset. Thankfully, Mike had brought the backup microphone, although it ends up making me sound worse than I already do.

3) Saturday night, SportsJuice gets DoS’d themselves, and we don’t broadcast at all in the first period. We’re running the broadcast as normal, just in case we run it on tape delay, and “Slim Jim” Chaloupka, our Huntsville producer, tells us that we have a connection again. Unfortunately, the first period was the only time that the boys looked good on the ice.

Now it’s Sunday, and the “Giant Team Nachos” that we had at the hotel’s sports bar are wreaking havoc on my system. Thank goodness for happy drugs, which have solved that and my sinus headache hell. Soon I shall complete packing, return the Explorer to the rental company, and start winging my way home.


  1. It’s like I said to Mike, though: "Would we have had more fun sitting at home, watching us get our ass kicked or waiting on USCHO to post a score? Hell no."

    However, I’ve bucked some things up in the name of superstition. My beard is gone, and I washed my UAH hat. Gotta break the schneid!

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