“I started to bring a sign that said, ‘John Popper’ “

Well, Brian, that would have been funny, except for the fact that John’s never had a beard. But hey, neither do I, now.

On one of the planes yesterday, I got to thinking: “Man, I’m superstitious about sports. UAH has never won a game where I’ve been scruffy like this. The beard comes off.” I walked in the door last night, sat down a bag, walked into the bathroom, and shaved off my three-week-old beard. I left the sideburns, though, but I’ve had those for over a year now.

I kinda miss having the beard, but I’m more superstitious about sports than I’d care to think that I am. After I shaved off the beard, I threw my nasty UAH Hockey cap into the washer. You know the things that athletes do … lucky socks, rally caps, the like. Well, I’m as bad, even though I’m just the announcer.

I mean, I’m going to go get another tie this week.

But anyway, back to the John Popper thing. Met up with Brian and Suzan last night at Hartsfield. Last week, I realized, “Hey, you know? I’ve never sat down and talked with Brian and Suzan just by myself. Anytime I’ve seen them, they’ve been at the other end of the table at Rosie’s, monopolized by my friends.” And you know who you are, by the way!

So we talked of houses and hosers and all things fun; of airplanes and bosses and “Midnight Acquisition Departments”. Brian even gave me an idea or two for a couple of fun pranks to pull … 🙂

You know, Brian and I are easy to spot in public. With him, you look for David Spade. With me, you look for John Popper. Maybe we should start a band of celebrity look-alikes. Lord knows that we can find enough Elvis wannabes, no?


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