Why I Hate Sports Journalists

Jonah Keri of Baseball Prospectus nailed it right on the head.

Amy sent me Reilly’s article today, asking me to give her an opinion on it. Amy does this from time to time, probably because she respects my opinion on such things, as I respect hers on many things I only viscerally follow.

I mentioned that Reilly seems to have a burr under his saddle for a select few athletes; Bonds is one of them, as is Mike Tyson. I’m certainly not one to proselytize for Bonds’s acts of kindness and charity, because by all accounts, he seems to be a bit dour and gruff. But was Joe DiMaggio any better? Teddy Ballgame?

I won’t go into the race game here. It’s old, it’s tired, and I’m sick of it. Frankly, it doesn’t apply to Reilly, either–he just decides that he doesn’t like certain people, for various reasons, and dogs them to death.

But it’s this kind of hacktivism that really, really irks me, and keeps me a part of the amateur press. [No, Jayson, Adam, or Brian, I’m not calling us amateurs. But if this is professionalism, I’ll be an amateur.]