Site Consolidation, Part Two

So, I’ve been thinking about consolidating the sites. Unsurprising, seeing as I got an impetus to do so. [Which reminds me: Heather, in linklists, what do you want listed for you?]

Anyhow, let me take this moment to announce that I’m going to be really lazy [shocker, I know] and, rather than do my own site design, give you, my readers, the opportunity to come up with your own design for my site.

Yep, I’ll let you make my choices for me. Scary, I know.

What do I want? Well, the only thing that I know that I want involved is a much larger version of this picture:

If you want to be involved, I’m going to be willing to listen. All I’m looking for is a general idea to run with: what an entry page would look like, or maybe the main page. You can take whatever elements out of that photo which suit your fancy and expand upon them.

If’n you’re interested [and if so, I worry about you], I can get you the original 2048×1536 photo that Amy took back in the day. If’n you are, well, leave me a comment, eh?

Of course, if none of you respond, well, I’ll be forced to do it my own self. Heh.


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