Does Crayola make a color called “absolutely incredulous”? If not, they need to get on that–pronto.

What the GOP did last night was absolutely unprecedented. This has not happened in the history of the American polity.

Class is going to be fun tonight.

The GOP now has the ball. They can choose to:

1) Run for a touchdown.
2) Kneel and run out the clock.
3) Fumble.

Remember: the Democrats had the ball from 1992-94, and look where that got them–a 60-plus-seat spanking and a populist firebrand as Speaker of the House.


  1. I believe George W. Bush and Dick Chaney are such a refreshing change from the previous . . . Also they went out and talked up the electorate and inspired them. I think they may have learned that from an old man named Reagan.

    The most remarkable race came in Maryland where a white Republican won over a female Kennedy by campaigning in black areas. WOW!!!

    Ditto Doug’s comment.

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