Man, I’ve got a sinus headache that no amount of medication seems to be able to knock out today. Woke up around 4:00 with it, and couldn’t remember where I had my good drugs. [In the laptop bag, of course–isn’t that where you’d stick them?] Around 7:00, it got so bad that I had to find the good stuff, and finally I did.

Of course, these are the “drowsy” kind–or, as Denis Leary said of NyQuil, “Don’t make any f—ing plans.” Would be nice, sleeping ’til noon, except the headache is still here! Grrrrr…

Anyhow, Todd’s out of town for the weekend, so I’m going to go feed the dogs, wander around in the house, check the mail, and probably get something to eat. My weekend “off”, and I spend it doing really mundane things. Figures. 🙂