Soldiering On

No easy way to put this: Mom has breast cancer, and has surgery scheduled for the 2nd of December.

I’d waited on saying anything until knowing [or at least strongly presuming] that Doug had talked with Mom and Dad. I certainly didn’t want him to learn this by reading my site.

Yes, I knew that this was a possibility, and yes, I didn’t say anything about it on purpose. And frankly, I probably won’t say much about it, really, but I do feel that my friends should know, and heck, IJSM is a better medium at distributing such information than many other media I could use for the task.

Your thoughts, concerns, and prayers will be appreciated by Mom, Dad, Doug, and me. If you just want to leave a little note, I think that would be cool. An email to Mom and Dad would probably also be cool, too.

As a family, we’ll soldier on. It’s what we do.


  1. Thankfully the majority of cancers are now treatable. Your mom has a long road ahead of her but with the MONDO support she has, it’ll help.

    Best wishes to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You know my thoughts. Not only that, you usually know where to find me. It seems a little silly to post here when we’ve already talked so much about all this, but sometimes things just need to be said publicly too. *hug*

  3. Massively huge will-style *HUGS* for your mom and family…
    This is something that your mom can absolutely get through – especially with your love and support, and we all know you are up to the task. just dont forget we are here to lean on too.

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