Bump, Log, Yep

Man, after yesterday, I kinda just want to sit here like a bump on a log yesterday. We underwent a much needed scheduling exercise that saw me in teleconference meetings for … oh, five hours of the day. My poor boss, he was in even more of them.

I’m pretty close to suggesting that we go over the schedules in detail with the customer once a month. They get our detailed schedules every week and a thumbnail, top-level view most every day, but frankly, I’m not sure that they’re looking at it. I know that some of the guys are, but I don’t think that they all are, and that really bothers me, seeing that the schedules are, well, my job. I really only do them for the customer, as we could manage this project without the Nth level of detail that we go to in these schedules, so to have my liaison work harxly considered doesn’t exactly leave me primed to get out of bed every morning, you know?

All right, that’s enough complaining for my morning. Time to get my ass in gear and get to work.