Back in the Hizzouse

Well, got home from Connecticut around midnight last night, and I pretty much proceeded to hop into bed. The laptop is still packed in the travel bag, if that tells you anything.

Second night was … unbelievable. I want to see a finalized box–I’m betting there were 160+ penalty minutes. I’ve never, ever seen a game that ugly. UAH was on the power play for the last 12-ish minutes of the game and scored just once–every shot being from the perimeter with no one going down low for the puck. Two reasons for that: 1) UAH was up 5-2 when that debacle started, and there was no reason to run up the score, and 2) the SHU players were upset and coming very close to the “intent to injure” line, so our guys were staying out from in front of the net.

Shoot, one of the few times a Charger did go up to the net, he got nailed, as Gerald Overton got checked from behind into the post. [The offending Pioneer got a major and a misconduct.]

Wild night. 6-2 win, and the game went half-an-hour longer than most games do.