Just Too Much FUN!

Well, yeah, I’ve ignored the site for a bit. Others have excuses–I have my reasons why:

1) Work’s been busy, and when I get home at night, the last thing that I really want to do is sit with the laptop in my lap.

2) This week has been Server Hell. The folks at the data center that hosts PF have been complete idiots all week long, screwing things up royally. For the geeks around, when the load average goes up above 30 after a hardware swap, you’d think that the hardware was to blame … but they certainly thought that nothing was wrong! 🙁

3) I’ve been in a writing funk. You can deal.

Of course, I’m sitting here writing to get awake–have church stuff to finish so I can get on the road towards there in 90 minutes or so–and just generally goofing off. That, and listening to Nickel Creek play in my head, since I had to allude to them in the first paragraph … yeah, okay, this is lacking sense. *post*