Radio Celebrities

Well, it’s official … Mike Anderson and I are local celebrities.

Starting with tonight’s broadcast of the game against Fairfield University, ESPN 1450 here in Huntsville will carry UAH Charger hockey.

Indeed, a local, live, over-the-air presence. It won’t be live 100% of the time–sometimes we conflict with UAH Basketball, and since the hoops folks have been on longer, they get precedence. When that happens, though, we’ll still be run–just on tape delay.

This is pretty doggone unfathomable.

I have a radio spot to cut.

I have friends coming in from out of town.

I have … to keep from peeing upon myself today.


  1. Brian: Never. The pay sucks.

    Kat: Better show your happy ass up to the games. Sean, too. Hell, all of you … but I know that the two of you will come. If you can, let me know, as I’ve got access to free GA tickets, and I can have a few on me to get to you at the rink.

  2. I can either come to tonight’s or tomorrow’s game, but not both, as I’ve got schtuff to get done this weekend. I’ll talk to Sean about it and give you a call sometime later today.

  3. Looks like you can sign us up for tomorrow’s game Geof, we be going out and about tonight. But we may also try and wrangle some other folks into comming along tomorrow.

  4. Great job on the pre and post game last night Geof. Since I was in the stands, I didn’t get a chance to listen during the game, but on the ride to and from, you guys sounded great.

    That and the game was pretty good too 🙂

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