I’ll Tell You What Sucks

I know what no one else working this proposal doesn’t know–it’s not due on Tuesday like it was. My boss told me this about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. My exact thought was then, “You mean I could be in Findlay?!?!?!?!”

Oh well … I’m sitting here listening to the live Internet feed rather than the tape-delay. Gerald Overton, one of my favorite Chargers because he’s such a great guy, broke his ankle in practice on Thursday, so he’s doing color in my place.

Gerald, on the off chance you read this–you sound MUCH better tonight than you did last night, and much better on either night than I did the first couple of times. Too bad that you’re like me and have to carry that horrible Anderson guy around on your shoulders … he gets real heavy after a while … 😉

[Love ya, Mike!]