Satisfying an Urge

I went to cut a couple spots for ESPN 1450 at 10:00, and I figured that was going to take half an hour or more. However, Mike and I did the commercials in one take each [amazing for two live radio guys who are used to flubbing up and going on with life], so I decided to take the opportunity to get some other radio business done–namely getting a new battery charger for the equipment, since my old one got trashed last weekend.

[To be fair to George, I hadn’t been storing it well. I need to come up with a better system for storage before I hop on a plane next weekend.]

While there, I picked up the recently-compiled Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits collections. I need a little bit of angry music, considering how the old Web host hosed [].

grrrrrrrrrr … “Rape Me” is about the right amount of angst for my mood …


  1. To be fair to you, George did drop and destroy the power supply last weekend.

    But, again, to be fair to George, some of the wiring near the wall wart was starting to come bare as well, so it was a lost cause at any rate.

    And while you’re out, get two rechargable 9 volts.

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